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w3bfukk0r - scan webservers for hidden directories (forced browsing)

w3bfukk0r is a forced browsing tool, it basically scans webservers (HTTP/HTTPS) for a directory by using HTTP HEAD command and brute force mechanism based on a word list. Features:

Note: Not all webservers are handling HTTP status codes correctly, so if the webserver doesn't care about RFCs the report generated by w3bfukk0r may include false positives. Maybe we'll find a good method to detect those false positives.



Example output:

w3bfukk0r http://nion.modprobe.de
Starting w3bfukk0r 0.2
Scanning http://nion.modprobe.de/ with 76 words from words.txt

Found http://nion.modprobe.de/tmp/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/blog/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/img/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/setup/ (HTTP 200)

Found 4 directories.
Server runs: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) PHP/5.1.4-0.1~bpo2

Scan finished (5 seconds).


w3bfukk0r was written by Nico Golde and Andreas Krennmair, to contact us mail to w3bfukk0r (AT) modprobe (DOT) de